Demographics of Niles, Ohio

3d business merge conceptNiles, Ohio is diverse in a population with a large Italian-American community. The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church is the focus of their tradition and culture. Every year, the church celebrates in the Our Lady of Mount Carmel feast day which is a well-known festival for Italian-Americans.

According to the 2010 census, there were 4,971 families, 8,499 households, and 19,266 individuals calling Niles their official home. The average density of population showed 2,237.6 individuals in every square mile. The average density of the 9,417 housing units at the time was 10,937 for every square mile. The population racially showed 1.3% Latino or Hispanic, 2.2% were two or more races, 0.3% were other races, 0.7% Asian, 0.2% Native American, 3.5% African American and 93.1% White.

Within the 8,499 households in Niles, the percentage that had children in the home under the age of 18 was 26.1%, the percentage of married couples was 38.0%, the percentage with a woman that had no husband in the household was 14.8%, the percentage of non-families was 41.5%, households with males without wives had a percentage of 5.7%, individuals living alone made up 35.6% of the population and those living alone that were older than 65 years of age was 14.2%.

The average age of individuals in Niles was 42 years of age. Those under the age of 18 made up 20.7% of the population, individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 was 8.5%, individuals between the ages of 25 and 44 was 24.4%, individuals between the ages of 45 to 64 was 28.4%, while those 65 and older made up 17.8%. Niles in 2010 had 52.4% females and 47.6% males in the town.

From the 2000 census to the 2010 census, the town saw a decrease in population from 20,932 to 19,266 individuals living in Niles. The average income for household was $65,615 in 2000 and the average family income was $76,704. Men had an average income of $35,936 while women on average made $23,888.