Weather and Natural Disasters in Niles, Ohio

weather-and-natural-disastersMore often than not, the U.S. is hit by extreme weather conditions that can damage homes and vehicles and even cause death. The same goes for Niles, Ohio.

Niles, Ohio has a lower average of tornadoes than the rest of the state. However, it is higher than the average of the United States. A category F5 hit close to Niles on May 31, 1985, about 20 ½ miles away, causing the death of 18 individuals, while 310 people were injured and the damage caused millions of dollars in damage. On the same day, a tornado hit within 24 miles of Niles, causing the death of 16 individuals, with 125 individuals injured and once again the damage caused was in the millions of dollars.

Ohio is also prone to earthquakes, but it is lower than the United States average and Niles is even below the average for the state of Ohio.

Earthquakes near Niles – under 30 miles away – date back to 1998, whereas in 1986 one hit about 36 miles away. In 2001 an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 hit 52 miles away, and in 2007 an earthquake hit 33 miles away from Niles with a magnitude of 3.8.

Other natural disasters have hit Niles as well, but only 8 impacted directly the city – lower than the United States average of 12. In recent years there have been five Presidential major disasters hitting Niles, along with three declared emergencies. The causes of the disasters include one wind, one snowstorm, one power outage, one hurricane, one blizzard, four tornadoes, five storms, and five floods.

No one can be completely prepared for natural disasters but knowing what to do in any type of emergency is the best solution. Having insurance on your home, apartment, and vehicles is also very important. It is best to learn the procedures for every type of situation so you can protect your family and property.