What To Do When Emergencies Happen in Niles, Ohio

emergenciesIf you are a resident of Niles, Ohio it is important that you know the way to get help when you need it. Ensure you have emergency telephone numbers posted where the entire family can easily find them: it’s the best way to get help fast.

There are three main ambulance services in Niles ,which include Med Star Ambulance, Lane Lifetrans Paramedics, and Lane Life Trans. It is important that you have the number to the police station for non-emergency situations as well as understand that you can call 911 for any type of emergency.

Niles is also home to two hospitals: Shephard of the Valley and Autumn Hills Care Center.

It is very important that you learn the procedures in case of flooding, so you will know the evacuation route, which you can learn from the Court Clerk or Police Department.

In the event of a tornado, depending on where you are or what type of home you live in, you should have a tornado plan and practice such drills with your family. For tornadoes, if you do not have a basement or storm shelter, you should go to the center of your home and ensure you are not near any windows. The same goes for any store you may be shopping in: go the center of the store or even to the dressing room areas as they will provide the best protection as they are far away from windows. If you live in a mobile home, you should go outside and find a low lying ditch or get to a friend’s home. The same goes if you are on the road driving: pull over and find the lowest ground possible.

In case of a fire, you should also have a plan to get everyone out of the home safely. If you live in a two story home you can purchase ladders that will attach to the windowsills outside the bedrooms, so every family member, including children, can get out even from the rooms above ground level.